Fine Line - תיאטרון ירושלים

צללים - צוותא, ת"א

חשמל באויר - קיסריה

מראות - מרכז וויל, כפר שמריהו

זוית אחרת - תיאטרון גבעתיים

היכל התרבות - כפר-סבא

צליל וצבע - מוזיאון החאן, אשקלון

משבי רוח - בית האמנים, תל-אביב

תערוכות קבוצתיות

Fine Line - Yana Gerber
Jerusalem Theatre,
20 David Marcus St., Jerusalem
17.3.2008 - 17.4.2008

The work of Yana Gerber has a magic that arouses emotional response and takes one to restful places. Yana's photographs derive their spirituality from the physical splendor of nature. They capture forms, colours and reflections that stimulate the eye, creating an impressionistic effect that takes you away from your daily routine and reminds you of the world's beauty. Her landscapes seem to be saturated with our collective memories, and they make us yearn for the atmosphere and smells of long forgotten places.

Yana's pictures, although they are products of her individual imagination, are a pleasure to see because they reward us with a recognition of images which we carry in our own minds and memories.

The artist's technical process is creative rather than calculated. The pictures are printed on canvas, which emphasizes their texture and depth, as if they were painted in water colours or inks on wet paper. Some of the pictures are treated with oil paints highlighting the atmosphere of the photograph.

There is no doubt that Yana's rich life experience and knowledge of music have contributed to her ability to capture the spiritual quality of nature. She was born in Moscow, immigrated to Israel when she was 18, studied archeology and ancient Greek at the Tel Aviv University, worked for a while as a dog trainer, and for the last 25 years she has been working with the Israeli police as an expert in handwriting and forged documents, a job that requires a highly detailed vision and advanced graphic skills.

She takes her camera on her many trips in Israel, across Europe and in the Far East, as well as on trekking trips in the Himalayas, Alps and Pyrenees. She likes to photograph snow scenes and avenues of barren trees. The landscapes captured by her camera on these trips and filled with the energy, rhythm and harmony of her own vision. It is a conversation between the artist and nature in which we are invited to participate.

Orit Lutringer
Curator & Art Critic


Mobile: 054-4779514   Email: gerberyana@gmail.com

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